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Just like you...
I never thought I needed a gun until one day it was too late...

In July 2009, I was caught off guard and found myself in a dangerous situation with no way to protect myself or my wife and daughter...

I knew that day I had made a massive mistake. I was terrified, and it was almost too late for me...

This is why I finally decided it was time for me to take on the responsibility of protecting myself and my family. 

To take action and never allow what happened that July morning to happen to me ever again.

Hey, my name is Ryan and here's my story...


Have you thought about purchasing a gun or getting your Florida Concealed Carry permit? 

Are you concerned about having a firearm in the home or wondering if it's safe?

I know exactly how you feel, I was in your exact spot just over 13 years ago…

I understand, you may be a little scared, intimidated, or you're just confused and don't know where to start. 

The great thing is, you don't need to worry...Tiffany and I  will help you each step of the way, whether you're a complete newbie or advanced. 

How To Get Your Florida Concealed Carry Permit in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1:

Watch the 1-Hour Concealed Carry Masterclass™ video, FREE. Just Click the Button Below To Get Started (no credit card required)

Step 2:

Schedule Live Fire Appointment for only $59. We provide everything you need the ear/eye protection and the .22 Handgun for you to shoot (perfect for beginners!)
We have classes available every week durning the week and on the weekends in Tampa & Brandon.

Step 3:

Attend the live fire and meet with me (Ryan) to complete your live fire appointment and GET CERTIFIED SAME DAY! Beginners are welcome,  Just bring your I.D.

We Make It Fast & Easy To Get Certified.

Click The Button Below and Start Watching Free Now

Locally Owned and Operated by Ryan and Tiffany Thomas

  • Engaging Course Video: There's no boring power point here! You'll enjoy our professionally filmed highly engaging video and learn everything you need to know about carrying a firearm.
  • Beginners are welcome: Anyone can attend &  complete our Florida Concealed Carry Masterclass™. No prior experience required. We provide everything you need. The firearm, ammunition, & eye protection. 
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support: We don't leave you hanging. Unlike the fly-by-night Instructors who come from out-of-town renting hotel rooms,  we're here to help! We're available 24/7 to help you on your journey of becoming a safe and responsible gun owner 😀

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Live Fire Class Schedule

Please  Note: This is a schedule to show days & times available, you will not schedule until after you have completed the video 😉

Schedule in 
Tampa -1826 W. Waters Ave 
Brandon-321 E. Robertson Str.


Get Your Florida Concealed Carry Permit Today With 
Tampa Carry!

We Guarantee our class is accepted by the state of Florida, or get 100% of your money back!

We Want To Make Your Journey To Becoming a Safe & Responsible Gun Owner as Easy as Possible!

That's why we are going to Include these Amazing Bonuses FREE...
{Valued at over $575}

Bonus #1: The Biggest Mistakes After The Trigger is Pulled (Value $97)

“How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes Florida Gun Owners Make After A Self Defense Shooting…” 

One tiny mistake could hurl you into financial ruin, a mountain of legal issues, and even prison.

There are certain mistakes that you simply cannot make without your life changing forever...Like the mistakes good, well-meaning people make after pulling the trigger in a self defense situation.

Get This For FREE When You Order Florida Concealed Carry Masterclass ™ Today! 

Bonus #2: Florida Home Defense Secrets (Value $97)

“Discover The Three Things That Have To Happen Before Using A Firearm In Home Defense…” 

When it comes to using a firearm in home defense, I find many Florida gun owners get it all wrong and end up in trouble with the law. In fact, I see it almost every day.

In the news, in conversations with students, on the internet, it’s everywhere in the concealed carry community.

Inside of this course, you will discover the three things that must happen before you are legally allowed to use deadly force inside of your home. I will also destroy the most common false beliefs Florida gun owners have about home defense. So that you can make the right decisions and protect your family. 

Get This For FREE When You Order Florida Concealed Carry Masterclass ™ Today! 

Bonus #3: The Experts Guide To Traveling With Guns (Value $77)

“How To Carry Your Firearm Concealed In 38 States Across The Nation Without Making A Costly Mistake…” 

This online course is the definitive guide to transporting and traveling with a firearm.

Including important topics like traveling and transporting a firearm in your personal vehicle...

What to do when you get pulled over by the police with your gun...

...traveling with your firearm to another state and transporting guns at the airport or on a plane.

And, which of the 37 states you can carry a firearm with your Florida concealed carry permit.

Get This For FREE When You Order Florida Concealed Carry Masterclass ™ Today! 

Bonus #4: The Right & Wrong Way To Carry A Gun…
(Value $147)

“How To Choose The Best Holster And Carry Position For Your Lifestyle So That You Can Avoid a negligent discharge or accidental shooting.…” 

If carrying your gun is uncomfortable, then you’re repositioning it constantly throughout the day or sticking it in your glove box, desk drawer etc.

If you do this just three times a week going to stores etc., you have created 156 opportunities for a negligent discharge or accidental shooting.

Learn the right and wrong way to carry your firearm in this comprehensive course..

Get This For FREE When You Order Florida Concealed Carry Masterclass ™ Today! 

Bonus #5: Wake Up Sheepdog The Concealed Carry Mindset (Value $97)

“How To Develop The Mindset Of A Protector So That You Can Identify And Avoid An Attack Before It Begins…” 

In over a decade of teaching concealed carry classes and hearing the stories of thousands of permit holders, here’s a simple truth;

If you aren’t prepared to use your gun in a life and death situation, you are not ready to carry a gun.

That doesn’t mean you want to use your gun it simply means you’re ready should you be forced to.

Get This For FREE When You Order Florida Concealed Carry Masterclass ™ Today! 


Do I need to take a class to get my Florida Concealed Carry Permit?
Yes, the state of Florida requires you to take a safety course taught by an NRA certified Instructor in order to apply for your Florida concealed weapons permit. 
What if I need to reschedule or cancel my booking?
No problem, we understand life is unpredictable. If you need to reschedule or you can reschedule right inside your booking confirmation email you received when you booked your class. Near the bottom of the confirmation email there is a link where you can view, or change your booking.  
Is your Instructor NRA certified?
Yes, Ryan is an NRA certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer.  He has been teaching for over 10 years and safely certified over thousands of students.
How long is the class?
The Concealed Carry Masterclass™  is one hour long. 

You will also receive the 5 Free Bonus courses that you can complete at anytime. The in-person live fire appointment is $59 and takes approx. 30 minutes. You will choose from our Brandon or Tampa location to shoot our .22 pistol and Get Certified, same day. This step is required by the state of Florida to obtain your Certification.
Can two of us watch together?
Yes, you can sign up two people at a time!

Step 1: Click on any button to start watching the Free Florida Concealed Carry Masterclass™ together.

Step 2: Select the "two person option"

Step 3: Schedule the in-person live fire  appointment together or separate. 
How do I schedule my in-person appointment?
Once you complete the Free Online Concealed Carry Masterclass™ video, you'll pay $59 if you choose to move forward with your certification. Right after payment you'll have access to schedule your in-person live fire appointment class to receive your concealed carry certification.

📆 We have classes in Tampa (1826 W. Waters Ave)  Tuesdays at 11am, Thursdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 12pm 

 👉 Or in Brandon (321 E. Robertson St.) Saturdays at 9am and Tuesdays at 6:30pm
What do I need to bring to my in-person class?
We are going to provide everything you need to complete the course. The firearm, ammunition, eye, and ear protection. Just show up and we will take care of the rest!
Where are you located?
We have two convenient locations for you to complete your live fire appointment:

Tampa - 1826 W. Waters Ave
Brandon - 321 E. Robertson St. 

Can I access the class again incase I forget some of the information?
Yes! We pay a lot of money so our students can have the best! After signing up, you can login to your student account anytime, day or night and rewatch the concealed carry class or any of the 5 bonus courses over and over again. 
Is this class legit?
Sounds funny...but we get this exact question a lot! Yes, we are "legit" our class is Guaranteed to be accepted by the state of Florida to obtain your Florida concealed weapons permit. 

We wouldn't have over 80K YouTube Followers, written 12 books, received 1000's of 5-Star Google reviews if we were a bunch of scammers 😉

We're a family-owned and operated business for over 12 years. We live right here in the Tampa Bay area with our three children, Paisley (13) Lincoln (11) and Jaxson (8).
Do you have in-person classes?
Our concealed carry class is a hybrid of online and in-person. Even before COVID, we were offering our Hybrid online class and it soon became more popular than our in-person class. 

People had the idea that they wouldn't learn as much online as they would in person but they soon realized the hybrid online class was much more convenient and helpful. 

Instead of trying to remember everything the Instructor covered, like VERY important laws they could now log in to their student accounts at any time and review the safety material and laws as much as they needed in the future.

You're still required to attend the in-person live fire appointment so the course is not 100% online. 

Plus, with our concealed carry class you'll get an additional 5 bonus classes to help you on your journey as a safe and responsible gun owner.

The bonus classes include; 

1. When to use a firearm in Home Defense.
2. The Right & Wrong Way to Carry a Gun.
3. The Experts Guide to Traveling with Guns.
4. The Biggest Mistakes After The Trigger is Pulled.
5. Wake Up Sheepdog™

Are online classes approved in the state of Florida?
The state of Florida requires that you shoot a real gun, with real ammunition in order to qualify for a concealed carry permit. They do allow for the classroom portion of the safety class to be taught online but in order to complete the required shooting portion, you would need to do that in person.

**Be careful with "other" classes offered online, many are scams -- just google the name and add scam, they will pop up. Also, make sure the live fire portion is included, many people from other states charge you up to $100 just for the online class that we offer for free and then hit you with a huge bill of an additional $100-$200 to complete the live fire and receive your certificate. 

**Be very careful of "other companies" offering classes for lower rates but DO NOT meeting the states requirements and are using air-soft or other non-qualifying devices. Typically these companies will offer their classes are held at hotels or other rented spaces.** 

We have our own clean and comfortable offices in Tampa and Brandon, we 100% guarantee the state of Florida will accept your certificate. 

We've been around for 12 years, and we're not going anywhere. We are also known as the Florida Experts in Concealed carry law. Not to mention rated #1 Concealed Carry Class by YELP four years in a row!

Can I carry in other states with my Florida concealed carry permit?
Yes, you can! 

When you receive your Florida concealed carry permit you will legally be allowed to carry in 38 states.

We'll cover this extensively for you in one of the free bonus courses we give you called "The Experts Guide to Traveling and Transporting Firearms. 

You'll know exactly which states you can carry in and which ones you can't. What to do when pulled over by the police and more!

Here's Everything You're Going To Get When You Complete The Florida Concealed Carry Masterclass™

Concealed Carry Masterclass Online

Live Fire Appointment + Certification...Value ($97)

🔥 Bonus #1: The Biggest Mistakes After The Trigger is Pulled ....(Value $97)

🔥 Bonus #2: Home Defense Secrets ....(Value $97)

🔥 Bonus #3: The Experts Guide to Traveling with Guns ....(Value $77)

🔥 Bonus #4: The Right & Wrong Way To Carry a Gun ....(Value $147)

🔥 Bonus #5: The Concealed Carry Mindset....(Value $97)

Total Value $612

For Only $59

Prices Subject To Change. Free 5 Bonus Classes is a Limited Time Offer 

Get Your Florida Concealed Carry Permit Today With 
Tampa Carry Today!

A Company You Can Trust, Family Owned and Operated Since 2009

 We look forward to going on this journey with you. Thanks for allowing our family to serve you...

Many Blessings 🙏
Ryan, Tiffany, Paisley, Lincoln and Jaxson.
(The Thomas Family)
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